Success Notes | 1 

Success Notes is a series where I’ll curate and share my own ideas that’ll push all of us towards our goals. 

Here’s today’s note. Hope you enjoy, if you do share your thoughts in the comments. 

If you start any task with a mind toward limiting the potential outcome, you will limit the actions necessary to accomplish that very goal.


No matter how much money you male, If you don’t control time, then you are probably heading in the wrong direction. 

We all don’t realise this at the young age and work for or with people who controls our  time.  I.e. Job or Consulting. 

If you truly want to be happy, learn to control your time. Don’t let anyone else fix a schedule for you. 

Over-Funding Kills Companies 

When an industry operates on the basis of companies paying their customers to use their products, they are buying transactions, revenues and customers with investor money. 

When this behaviour is rewarded by investors, it leads to amplification of the same behaviour. 

After a sufficient period of time, the company forgets that the business is fake and the customer’s behavior is artificial. 

Companies forget to innovate in a customer-focused manner because of excess funds. When they stop feeding the beast, it will run amok. 

Over-funding perpetuates bad habits and kills companies. It takes away the accountability to innovate and solve the customer’s’problem in a sustainable manner. 

If the bad habits don’t die, the company does.

Excerpt from The Golden Tap 


Are you making enough money to keep yourself happy?

Are you doing the work you love? 

If it’s a YES for both questions then you’ve achieved success. 

It’s that simple. 

Make Something People Want

I am stunned by myself and people around me. How often we all spend time in shtt nobody wants. 

This has to stop.

We have to stop. We have to stop doing the busy work. We have to stop doing the work just for the sake of it. 

We must create something that is useful and people actually want. Let it be a software, furniture or an art piece, everything we make must either solve a problem or share a passion. 

Can we do that, please?