Hi, I am Samay, And I am Really Glad You Are Here!

Samay Mehta

I live in Ahmedabad, India with my wife, Foram and my parents.

I run a boutique architectural studio with my buddy Pavan. I am also a co-founder at lifestylebyps.com. A men’s fashion blog.

I am running my own businesses for a few years now. I have succeeded a few times, failed a lot and most importantly learned a lot. I love helping people who want to start up.

This blog is a result of that. I want to share everything I learned in the past and things I am learning now with you guys. I love to read too. Non-fictional only. I am sharing my favorite books here on this blog.

I don’t consider myself a genius or a guy who has found success (no way near that!) I am a simple guy who loves building great businesses. And I am sharing everything I am learning along the way.

Hope you’ll follow along.